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Updated on Thursday 04th June 2020

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Our driving solicitors in London are highly specialized in dealing with offences related to drink driving as well as motoring offences. For many of our clients, their driver’s license is linked directly to their ability to go about their daily lives, work, and provide for their families. Our goal is to help you retain your license and we offer assistance for a wide range of issues, including but not limited to driving after having had a few drinks or driving without due attention.
Our driving offence solicitors from MK Law have extensive experience and approach each case with due diligence and attention to details. We work in accordance with the law and our professional and ethical principles are clear in our approach. We understand that motoring offences take place in a variety of scenarios and we focus on achieving the most suitable results for our clients and ultimately allow them to keep their driver’s license.

Our team

Hesham PuriHesham Puri is an experienced solicitor with over 15 years’ experience. He has been part of MK Law since 2008, was named a partner in 2009, and was appointed director in 2011. He is the head of the Serious Crime Department and his experience in complex and ordinary crime cases is notable. His client base is a diverse one, from musicians to models, athletes or doctors as well as lawyers and entrepreneurs. Over the years, he specialized in delivering rightful services for people from all walks of life in serious and complex cases as well as motoring offences and he is true to handling each case based on the presumption of innocence. As the head of our Serious Crime Department, he is the most suitable individual to oversee the development of various cases that are under the management of our drink driving solicitor in London
Hesham Puri is a Treasurer of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association whose members include solicitors that practice in and around the Greater London Area. The Association is known for maintaining high standards of advocacy and practice and has done so since its integration in 1948. Hesham is also a member of the Solicitors’ Association of Higher Courts Advocates. 

Organizations we are part of

MK Law is affiliated with several associations in England and Wales. We are a part of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, or SRA, an institution that regulates solicitors, drink driving solicitors in London, and law firms in England and Wales. This institution strives to protect the members of the public, at the same time supporting the administration of justice. They act as a progressive regulator and offer services to both law professionals (in the form of standards and regulations and good standing certificates) as well as for the public (such as maintaining a database of regulated solicitors and law firms, including MK Law).
Our firm is also part of the Law Society in UK, the independent professional body for solicitors that also maintains a comprehensive database for members in England and Wales.
In addition to these affiliations, MK Law is accredited by Lexcel, indicating the quality of our customer services. The Law Society in England introduced this quality mark in 1998.
You can find MK Law on two legal directories, lawfirms.co.uk and solicitors-barristers.co.uk.


Our services

Our experienced driving offence solicitors in London can help you if you were involved in a number of types of driving offences. Our main focus is on drink driving, however, we provide services for a number of situations and our goal is to approach your case in a manner that is both efficient and quick so that you may continue to rely on your vehicle as a main means of transportation.
Our motoring solicitors can help you in the following cases:
  • Drink driving: our goal is to help clients who were subject to a drink driving breath or blood test and are in need of legal assistance to retain their license and not be subjected to a criminal conviction;
  • Careless driving: our solicitors can help you if you were charged with careless or dangerous driving in England or Wales;
  • Speeding: an all too common offence, our motoring solicitors can help defend your case, and our aid is especially useful when you intend to reduce the penalty for small speeding offences, for example traveling with 31 mph in a 30 mph limit;
  • Other driving offences: our lawyers ware also able to assist you in a number of other motoring offences such as driving without insurance or using a mobile phone while driving.
Please feel free to reach out to our driving solicitors if you have questions about the services we offer in the Greater London area as well as in the rest of England and Wales.
We strive to achieve the most suitable results for our clients and we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible after being involved in a motoring offence. Timing can be of great importance in these types of cases and it will most likely be to your own advantage if your case is resolved as soon as possible and you are able to retain your driver’s license.
Contact our drink drive solicitor in London if you were involved in a motoring accident and need clarifications on how to proceed further.

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