Drink Driving Sentencing Guidelines

Drink Driving Sentencing Guidelines image October 26, 2020

The drink driving sentencing guidelines used by magistrates can be useful to determine the possible sentence when one is charged with a criminal offence related to drink driving.

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Drink Driving Law in the UK

Drink Driving Law in the UK image October 16, 2020

Drink driving is a criminal offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988. The drink driving law in the UK is included in Part I of the Act, Principal Road Safety Provisions.

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Careless Driving

Careless Driving image July 31, 2020

Careless driving involves not observing the minimum standard of due care and attention when deriving a vehicle in the UK. Drivers who are found guilty of careless driving can receive penalty points, fines as well as a disqualification from driving.

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Driving without Insurance

Driving without Insurance image July 28, 2020

Driving without insurance in the UK is subject to penalties ranging from fines to possible driving disqualifications.

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Why Choose our Team of Driving Solicitors?

Why Choose our Team of Driving Solicitors? image July 2, 2020

Our team of driving solicitors specializes in drink driving and other motoring prosecutions

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Drunk in Charge of a Motor Vehicle

Drunk in Charge of a Motor Vehicle image July 1, 2020

The law prosecutes a number of types of activities related directly or indirectly to operating a vehicle if inebriated. This also includes the act of being in charge of the vehicle while above the legal drinking limit.

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Speeding Offence Solicitor

Speeding Offence Solicitor image June 29, 2020

If you are caught by a speed camera or stopped by the police for speeding while driving in the United Kingdom you can be given a fixed penalty notice.

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The Consequences of Drink Driving Offence

The Consequences of Drink Driving Offence image June 22, 2020

Driving in an inebriated state has specific consequences according to the severity and the offender can face fines, be disqualified from driving for a certain period, and even face imprisonment.

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Types of Traffic Offences in UK

Types of Traffic Offences in UK image June 16, 2020

Careless driving, drink driving and boarding a vehicle without the proper license are all examples of traffic offences in England and Wales.

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Driving Offence Solicitors

Driving Offence Solicitors image June 3, 2020

Road traffic offences are treated seriously by the authorities in UK, especially the severe cases which might involve victims and other unwanted consequences.

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